Detailed Information on Wedge Wire Screen Filter

Wedge wire screen filters adapt from the most advanced tool full-wind wielding production process. The application is a specialized material in stainless steel trapezoidal wedge wire welding in a particular arrangement of a vertical support rod to ensure its strength and service life.

While considering the work efficiency of the wedge wire filter screen, the flow rate is three times higher than the bridge filter pipe and nine times better than the slotted filter pipe. In the essence of the screen filters, they can be used in flanges, welding, and other connectors.

Wedge wire screen filters come from the separation and filtration processes that withstand abrasive and corrosive processing applications. Wedge wires are manufactured from high-grade stainless-steel machines and are available in flat panels or spot-weld cylindrical panels that suit every application.

Wedge wire screen filters applications are divided into two applications:

  • Abrasive application

It is manufactured from Grade 430 stainless steel evicted for coarse mineral processing. This stainless steel, which is also nickel free, provides high abrasion resistance and good welding capacity.

In addition to the description, progress steels supply hard chroming surfaces that are incredibly abrasive applications for any usage of your steel.

  • Corrosive applications

It is manufactured from Grade 304 stainless steel, opted for highly acidic mineral processing. This stainless steel comprises 18% chromium and 8% nickel, considered for durable and long-lasting filtering performances.

The grade manufactured in this stainless steel 304 is available on high request for corrosive applications.

What are the types of wedge wire screen filters?

  • Optima wedge wire CIP/CIL screen

Curated with high strength, stainless steel optima wedge wire screen CIP/CIL offers an improved version of wear resistance in coarse mineral processing application form.

Every CIP/CIL wedge wire screen filter is custom-made for each installation. Progress steel offers wedge wire screen segments with specialized and specific sealing requirements for screen filters.

  • Optima Wedge Wire Flat Drainage Panels

Optima wedge wire flats are drainage-proof panels that provide high abrasion and corrosion resistance in the vibrations of screen applications. These panels are attached to provide high-assistance release angles, which ultimately results in minimal pegging in harsh screening media applications.

Features and benefits of wedge wire screen filters

  • Appropriate size maintenance with screen filters.
  • Maximum open area drainage
  • High assistance in abrasion and corrosion
  • Machine spot for welding machine and increased strength capacity.
  • High release angles
  • Personally made to suit specific devices and applications
  • Low pegging in a hard time to every application
  • Several ranges of apertures and profile building are available

Progress steel’s wedge wire screen filters production from design to maintenance

  • We use specialized applications and trajectory model building to ensure the perfect screen is selected for your application.
  • All wedge wire screen filters are made in-house using high-material tools according to every customer’s needs and requirements.
  • Progress steel will install the wedge wire screen filter on every customer’s site to be aware and tension free.
  • Wedge wire screen filters can be captured for wear and tear, improving the innovative monitoring software.
  • We offer comprehensive field service maintenance offerings that are mandated for every wedge wire screen filter.

Wedge wire screen filters come with a wider surface, and narrow inside the structure improves dehydration efficiency. It is very easy to wash with long service life. For more detail, connect with us.