Various Kinds of Lounges and How to Pick the Perfect One for Your Home

Home is all about warmth, comfort, and coziness. When you are home at the end of a tiring day, all you want is a place to unwind and relax. And what could be better than furniture that looks stylish and provides relaxation at the same time? A lounge is one such versatile chair that will be a great inclusion to your living room.

Whether you need a modern lounge or a traditional one you will be amazed to see the impressive variations available on the market. So, sit back and learn all about the diverse types of lounges to know which one would be best for your home.

What defines a lounge chair?

A chair designed for the ultimate relaxation is a lounge chair. These chairs are the epitome of aesthetics and luxury. They ideally offer a reclining backrest and a soft fabric. Some also have a built-in footrest like an ottoman. They are equally popular in bedrooms, home offices, and living spaces. The best thing about these chairs is that they are low-maintenance and will stay with you for years with proper care. The main difference between lounge chairs and recliners is that the former is static while the latter can be adjusted.

Why bring home a lounge chair?

If you aren’t sure about buying a lounge chair, these reasons will help you decide:

  • Lounge chairs are timeless, and they will give your home a contemporary upgrade.
  • These chairs don’t just look awesome, but they are also durable and have a fantastic lifespan.
  • The chairs provide the optimal support and backrest, ensuring that you have a well-aligned body posture.
  • Lounge chairs excel in both functionality and appearance.

Lounge chairs and their types

Are you looking for a chair that will look beautiful next to your corner sofa set? Lounge chairs are available in varied designs, giving you the freedom to pick what you prefer.

1. Accent Lounge

If you want an elegant chair that will grab everyone’s attention, the accent lounge is just what you need. Its comfortable seating and sophisticated look make it a must-have décor in your living room or bedroom. If your wall is textured, choose an accent chair in a solid shade, and if the wall is simple, an accent chair with floral prints will look stunning. These are easily available, and you can get amazing discounts if you purchase accent chairs online in India.

2. Club Chairs

Club chairs are beautiful chairs with an upholstered, soft seat and a supportive back. These are sturdy chairs that have wooden legs and arms. The first club chair in the world was manufactured in the 18th century in England. Today, you can find club chairs in traditional, contemporary, and modern styles. People use them in their living rooms, home office, and commercial settings like hotels and restaurants.

3. Vintage lounge chair

If you love antique furniture, here’s a chair that will win your heart. A vintage lounge chair is a work of art. Designed by experts, these chairs can enliven any dull corner in your house and give it a royal feel. They are a bit costly but worth the amount you spend on them.

4. Chaise Loungers

A chaise lounge is a type of long chair that has a reclining back and a really long seat. You will find them in people’s bedrooms and living rooms, as well as in outdoor spaces like pools and patios. Also known as a daybed, you can adjust a chaise lounge to different positions. And when you stay in a small house, buying furniture with storage space is a must. You will be thrilled to know that many chaise lounges come with storage where you can keep your clothes/ magazines/ linen. Enjoy your bowl of soup or read an intriguing storybook on your chaise lounge.

Tips on selecting a lounge chair

If you shop online or visit a local furniture store for a lounge chair, you will be excited to see the interesting options. The beauty of a lounge chair lies in its versatility, and therefore, how do you know which one is meant for you? Ask yourself these basic questions to choose the best chair:

1. What’s your style?

The theme of your room plays a key role in determining the right lounge design. If the room has a chilled-out vibe, an office-styled leather lounge will be completely out of place. Similarly, an art-deco-styled recliner is a terrible choice for a formal living space. So, if you are searching for a chair that you will place next to your beige-coloured L type sofa set, one with floral prints would look exquisite.

2. Where will you place it?

Different types of lounge chairs are meant for different kinds of spaces. They are also available in a range of colours and patterns. So, first, you have to decide which room your chair will adorn. With that clarity, start exploring lounges online.

The room size and the space available are two important factors you should consider before selecting lounges. Choosing a lounge too big or too small with mismatch and make the room appear off-balanced. So, take measurements to know the exact size of the space to avoid regretting later.

3. How much are you willing to spend?

Fixing a budget before you start looking at lounges will save you time and energy. Research a little to have an idea about the price range. One of the best ways of getting furniture at great discounts is by shopping during clearance sales. Also, don’t forget to compare the rates quoted by multiple shopping websites to get the cheapest deal.

The bottom line

A chair doesn’t have to be just an extra sitting space. Selecting an ideal lounge chair is a simple way of adding life and enhancing the visual appeal of any room. As there are numerous styles and designs, finding a chair that fits your needs won’t be challenging. So, whether you buy accent chairs or club chairs make sure it complements the room and its vibe.